Indonesia Trademark Search Tools You Need to Know

16 Sep 2020 - 08:46

Doing progressive research about trademarks and brands is the very first step before actually filing a plea to the DGIP. But, how do you search for the trademarks and brands around Indonesia? Are you going to look it up through google? Perhaps, it works. Unless it takes much more time especially because you are going to be stuck in advertisements and also unnecessary blogs. Undoubtedly, it will waste the time you could use to prepare more for the plea. Therefore, here we share with you the Indonesia trademark search tool you can use to find as much information you need simply.

Useful Indonesia Trademark Search Tools to Do Research about Indonesia’s Legitimate Brand

There are lots of trademark searching tools you can use, but still, we want the best and the most functional tool to get the job done faster. So, we try a few trademark searches tools on the internet, to see which ones you can use most of the time. Here are two of them:

  1. Jumbo Mark
    Jumbo Mark is an Indonesia trademark and brands searching tool that we recommend first, due to its simple functionality. You just have to click on the site jumbomark then type on the brand you want to look for, and they will look them up for you.

Furthermore, they also share a few brands that have a similar name to the brand you are checking. Or if you do not know the name of the brands or trademarks you are looking up to, basically just type what they sell. Jumbo Mark also works that way and will share with you the result.

  1. Marcaria
    This is an international trademark searching tool, but also has a specific page for Indonesia’s brand. It is pretty easy to access, you just need to click on the site trademark-search.marcaria and they will bring you to the page of Indonesia’s brand and trademark search.

Click on the name of the brand you want to look up to, and they will gather information as much as possible for you. It is really easy, really simple, really useful. The information provided is also more detailed and easily read than the previous trademark search tool. Also, the information is provided in tables which makes it more delightful to see and professional.
How do We Test Them?

At first, we try to look up the product of “Indomie” at both of the search tools and they show the exact information about the Indomie product, along with the other product that has a similar idea with the Indomie, like instant noodles, ramen, etc.

We also go for some random goods like “Thai Tea” and it also serves the information about brands that have the word “Thai Tea” on its name, and also brands that sell the Thai tea beverage (even the ones that have no the word “Thai Tea” on its name). In conclusion, both of the tools are pretty accurate.

Those are two tools we recommend you try while researching brands and trademarks in Indonesia.

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